Media Plaza in Utrecht by Liong Lie Architects

December 5, 2008

The Rotterdam, Netherlands based Liong Lie Architects have sent us photos of their recently completed work on the new Media Plaza in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

From the architects:

New Media Plaza is a facility with 8 meeting rooms. The aim of the design is to give the client more freedom regarding the setting they want to have their meetings in. An important part of the design is playing with different projection methods and light sources.

Visit the website of Liong Lie Architects – here.

Moving light – interactive projection

Two tunnels give access to the new Media Plaza. This transition is emphasized with interactive projection on the floor. Moving images respond to the movement of people.

Artificial light – light walls and light ceilings

LED light walls in the foyer and light ceilings made of fabric in the session rooms can change in colour to create different atmospheres. When required the colour of the rooms can be adjusted in for example the colour of the company (logo) of the client.

Day light – open sky

The main congress hall (700 people) is designed with a 100% transparent ETFE roof to provide the experience of having a congress meeting under the open sky – like in the ancient amphitheatres.