Mirador House by 2.8x Architects

June 26, 2012

2.8x Architects have designed the Mirador House in Lima, Peru.


Project description:

This project, commissioned by a very particular client, takes place in a residential neighborhood in the east of the city of Lima. The challenge: to solve the program and user requirements on uneven ground with a very steep double. The location of the lot and the view of a portion of the city would be crucial for the development of the proposal.

The main objective of the customer, an elderly lady, was to begin a new phase in his life and felt an air of renewal and modernity. The project should respond to this need and ensure the functional comfort for daily functioning.

The idea was to generate a volumetric architectural modern, transparent, bright minimalist but also include some concepts of the modern movement architecture of the 30’s. Likewise this should be addressed to resolve the outstanding issue of generating a free floor unevenness. We chose to have the income at the midpoint of the lot and develop 75% of the project at this level. The bridge of income, social area, full service and master bedroom are located on this floor, while deposits in a garage and lower level. The second floor houses a bedroom full of visits to welcome relatives living abroad.

The project consists of two volumes that contrast each other. A fully transparent volume predominantly glass and metal houses the social housing area allowing a clear view over the city. A second volume contains the most secretive private area of the house. The stone and concrete help to create the counterpart and to demonstrate how the building sits on the hill in a firm transparent allowing the volume to feel like a free-floating element in a more heavy and rocky.

As part of the idea of exploiting the full view and fix the theme of the fifth facade in a neighborhood where homes are spread over the hill, we chose to include a garden terrace around the roof of the social area completing the idea of this volume as a great lookout over the city. This area is part of the guest bedroom located on the second level.

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