Modular Seating by Marina Bautier

April 30, 2009

Belgian designer Marina Bautier has created a modular seating system.

From Marina Bautier:

The basic element of the flexible seating system is the bridge shaped leg. The repetition of the oak legs creates a regular rhythm that expresses the modula-rity of the project. The thin padded seats (with or without backrest) invite to a short rest in a hall, a hotel lounge or a library for example. A metal pole with a black lampshade is fixed to the armrest. Beyond its functionality, it contributes to define an intimate sphere and introduces a warm domestic code in the rational typology of waiting rooms seating.

Visit Marina Bautier’s website – here.

The designer – Marina Bautier:

Graduated from Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College (UK), Belgian designer Marina Bautier set up her own design practice in 2002 in Brussels. She works on a wide range of projects, from products to interiors. Marina Bautier cultivates a design approach based on use. Away from any pretence, she creates furniture and objects whose quiet normality hides many small attentions; furniture and objects which render many services without ever encumbering. While she gives priority to simple structures and materials easily manufactured, she also attaches great care to the appearance and implementation qualities. Away from technological rhetoric, Marina Bautier emphasizes the beauty and the modernity of familiar materials, and especially of wood. Marina Bautier works internationally with clients such as Idée (JP), Case (UK), Ligne Roset (FR), and De La Espada (P).

Visit Marina Bautier’s website – here.