Movie Theaters In Airports Are Becoming A Trend

February 9, 2016

Movie Theaters In Airports Are Becoming A Trend

Photo © rpb1001 (CC-BY-NC-2.0)

Having a long layover or a delayed flight will be slightly less annoying if this latest travel trend continues. Airports around the world are creating movie theaters to entertain travelers who have plenty of time to sit around and wait for their flight.

Here are 6 airports we’ve found that have movie theaters in them…

1. Changi Airport in Singapore

Home to two movie theaters, located in Terminals 2 & 3, that show a variety of new(ish) release movies that are free-of-charge, and operate 24 hours. Find out more, here.

2. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport in Minnesota, USA

This airport has a small movie theatre near gate C18, called the See 18 Film Screening Room, that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and shows art house films.

3. Indira Gandhi International – Delhi, India

A bit of a different theater at this airport, the iRido 6D Cinema Theatre at Domestic Terminal 1D, has moving seats, and 21 special effects that range from bubbles to simulated snow to experience.

4. Hong Kong International Airport – Hong Kong

The UA IMAX Theatre, featuring new releases, is located in Terminal 2 (Level 6), and is open from 11am to 10pm. More info, here.

5. Incheon Airport – Seoul, South Korea

There are two CGV Movie Theaters in the airport, located at gate 1B, they are open 9am – 11pm daily, with new releases. More info, here.

6. Portland International Airport in Oregon, USA

Coming soon…Portland International Airport and Hollywood Theatre, are teaming up to create a mini vintage style movie theatre experience within the terminal that will show short films about experiences Oregon and the surrounding area has to offer.

 So next time you’re bored in an airport, keep an eye out for a movie theater, as a way to pass the time.