MP09 Building by GS Architects

GS Architects designed the new headquarters for Uniopt Pachleitner Group, an eyewear and jewellery company, based in Graz, Austria.


MP09 Headquarters by GS Architects

Nicknamed the ‘Black Panther’ by designers GSarchitects, the brief was to construct a landmark building which reflected the products the company designs, as well as its culture and philosophy.

To achieve the sculpture-like aesthetic with dynamic sharp edges and imposing angles, the practice opted for a ventilated rainscreen cladding system from Sto. This mechanical system allowed for the highly ambitious design, as well as a pure, black finish. From the start, GSarchitects wanted a protective glass system to characterise the nature and purpose of their client. The StoVerotec Glass system provided all the functional and aesthetic design elements they required.

The interior of the building is equally striking with sculptural elements throughout. The client demanded a tranquil, beautiful space to inspire creativity. The materials specified to achieve the highly contemporary look posed a significant acoustical issue. StoSilent Panel Alu was chosen to adequately deal with the reverberation of the reflective materials. The selling factor to both client and system designer was the ability of the acoustic system to add to, rather than subtract from the other interior elements.

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