MSL 35 by Mads Sætter-Lassen

November 6, 2013

Mads Sætter-Lassen has designed a chair named MSL 35 using Elm, steel and wool.



The chair was done as part of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Designs contribution to the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013.

The aim with the chair was to challenge the limits of the theme “the new textile furniture”.

As such the appearance of the chair’s shell is the result of investigating the potential of veneer for wicker work – i.e. of using a non-textile material in a textile way.

During the process much attention has been paid to the differences in the tactile nature of different materials.

Sponsors: Optimera and Danskmø

Design: Mads Sætter-Lassen
Photography: Kristian Touborg