MTV Networks Headquarters in Berlin by Dan Pearlman

February 4, 2011

German creative agency Dan Pearlman have redesigned the MTV Networks Headquarters in Berlin.


Description from Dan Pearlman:

MTV Networks’ personnel can rejoice: with the redesigned and newly organized reception, meeting and break room areas at MTV headquarters, a long-held wish of employees becomes a reality and a once gloomy office complex on the Spree can finally function as the head offices.

dan pearlman was asked to perform their magic and created an “axis of inspiration” by opening up the entire center area on the first floor from the northern to the southern façade. Today the spacious atrium serves as a “Brand Garden” with seating for taking breaks or informal meetings, which can accommodate up to 250 employees.

Greater freedom of movement and an equal variety of unique as well as private retreat zones contribute to a better work-life balance at the workplace. Whether eating lunch in the Network Kitchen, in the Blue Lounge or in the Brand Garden under a stylized canopy of leaves, there are ample choices for taking time out during the workday. Fans of table tennis or table football can of course be found in the Sport Lounge.

Visit the Dan Pearlman website – here.