My Money Park by OOS

January 23, 2013

OOS have designed the interiors of the My Money Park branches in Zurich and Basel.



Description from OOS

For the My Money Park start-up, OOS has developed an adaptable design concept with a long-term focus that has already been implemented in the first two branches in Zurich and Basel.

The young financial advisor is taking a fresh approach to the world of financial advice that places the client at the center of its considerations and objectives. OOS has translated the respective corporate values and positioning into a physical environment that actively supports this new client advisory process.



Upon entering the premises, clients are taken to a pitch table where they can peruse information on investment opportunities. Eight “tree houses” are available for one-to-one advisory sessions. In contrast to classic front-to-front advice situations, the tables, made especially for MMP, are designed to help advisors and clients see eye to eye.



Clad with timber structures and hung with lengths of curtain material, the cabins exude a snug and personal atmosphere. Acoustic covers and carpets create a room within a room and make for pleasant acoustic conditions: hushed, confidential, and discreet.



Concept and Interior Design: OOS AG
Client: My Money Park
Location: Zurich \ Basel
Realization: GCG
Photographer: Claudia Luperto, Goran Potkonjak