Ne Dérangez Pas Mes Cercles by Julie Biron

July 17, 2012

Julie Biron, an independent architect practicing in Berlin, created “Ne Dérangez Pas Mes Cercles” (Do Not Disturb My Circles) for the 2012 Lively Architecture Festival in Montpellier, France.


DO NOT DISTURB MY CIRCLES! is an incitement to disobedience.

The disk surface is dense and rigid, the court is still and silent. The visitor approaches, hesitates and looks. In places the passage seems possible, try!

Upon entering the area, it suddenly comes to life. The rods and disks wobble and sway. The other visitors have understood and have followed suit, each on their own adventure through the area. It is then that what seems fixed and rigid and turns into a living, moving object, activated by the passage of visitors having become actors.

Shifting the perception of the place created a surprise. Visual and audible vibrations of the surface suggest a reading of the courtyard as “basin”. The installation recalls that at first glance the ordering dense and complex relies on a delicate balance that it is easy to disturb.

Photography © Paul Kozlowski