Neapolitan Sideboard by John Galvin

March 16, 2010

John Galvin, a Scottish furniture builder, has sent us his Neapolitan sideboard that uses small “off cuts” of wood, that would otherwise go to waste, to create an attractive piece of furniture.


John says:

The main carcass and legs of the sideboard are crafted using American black walnut whilst the doors are formed using a mixture of  walnut, oak, ash, poplar and sapele solid wood lamination’s.

In today’s throwaway society it has never been more important to reuse and recycle materials. My “Neapolitan” range of furniture does exactly this. By utilising what most furniture manufacturers would consider of no use, I have managed to create a variety of products that reuse off cuts and produce long lasting pieces of function art.

I was inspired to use a variety of solid wood lamination’s from my childhood memory of eating my way through bowls  of Neapolitan ice cream! I merged this past image with my love of Bridget Riley painting’s to create a visual landscape that I hope is inviting to the eye. Encourages you to follow the meandering lines of the wood and pause for a moment on the smooth sculpted ovals.  My furniture has a function to play, a practical purpose to fulfill  but I want my pieces to be more than just that. My aim is to encompass contemporary bespoke design with quality craftsmanship to give my clients a piece of functional art.

Visit John Galvin’s webiste – here.