Netframe by Cate & Nelson for OFFECCT

February 7, 2013

Designers Cate & Nelson have created the Netframe sofa and easy chair for OFFECCT.


Description from OFFECCT

Netframe is a sofa and an easy chair designed by the design duo Cate & Nelson. Cate & Nelson’s idea behind Netframe was to create a piece of furniture that consumes as little material as possible while maintaining a high comfort.

“In order to succeed with this challenge we had to turn everything upside down in the development process. We wanted it to be easy to produce with minimal time and material usage”, says Nelson Ruiz-Acal, one half of Cate & Nelson.



Netframe was developed into a very comfortable piece of furniture with extremely low impact on the environment. Cate & Nelson believe it is important to see the wholeness in their design, that the product is responsible at all stages; from production to usage, which is very apparent in their design of Netframe.


Designers: Cate & Nelson
Manufacturer: OFFECCT

Photography – Frederik Lieberath and Thomas Harrysson AB