New Delhi Interior by Rajiv Saini

November 8, 2011

Indian designer Rajiv Saini has sent us images of a home interior project in New Delhi, India.


Description from Rajiv Saini:

Even in these modern times,most parents in india like to have their kids stay with them together,if space permits. With such an intent, this house in new delhi was built about a decade ago, with the second floor left unoccupied. When the son was getting married last year, we got involved in creating a space for him and his new bride.

The approximately 2500 sq feet of space and 3 bedrooms were more than what the couple needed. We tore down a spare bedroom to make space for a grand master suite, which on one end (at the couple’s request) has a modern version of a traditional indian ‘gadda’,which is essentially a large mattress to sit informally on and spend time together.

A living room with a compact dining (and a tiny walk-in pantry, no more than a mere 6 feet x 6 feet) area was created for them to entertain their personal friends on their floor. Large Screens cut out of solid blocks of black granite separate this area from the rest of the family house. A large master bath and dresser has been fitted out in onyx and a beige granitalo marble, while the living and bedroom have teak wood and a deep brown Spanish marble.

A guest suite has a bed with a large upholstered bed surround, placed against a black marble ledge, so as to offer views of the gardens.

Visit Rajiv Saini’s website – here.