New Designs from Johan Lindstén

May 2, 2011

Swedish designer Johan Lindstén has sent us images of his most recent creations.


Description from the designer:

This concept took off from the possibilities and limitations wood have and my ability to convert its capacity into design advantages. Like turning inevitable cracks into something beautiful and using special veneer techniques to overcome its natural limitations in 3 dimensional bending.

The chair is an investigation about the relationship in dimensions between the back and the seating. My inspiration is a mix of everything from old movie lights, pine cottages and nature itself.

My intention has been to make the lamps almost like a living creatures starring at you. The lampshade is turned from fresh wood which result with the beautiful cracks during drying process. This cracks gives striking beams of light trough the shade creating a nice and cosy lightning effect.

Visit Johan Lindstén’s website – here.