New Furniture from Dexel Crafted

Dexel Crafted have recently exhibited a new sofa, cabinet, shelf, coffee table and side table.


Description from Dexel Crafted:

The pieces are

1) Angled Sofa

Upholstery over solid maple frame with black walnut details.

2) Median cabinet and shelf

Custom grey-dyed Anigre veneer with ebonized black ash.

3) Traffic island with side table

Custom Black Walnut veneer with quartz surface.

Items 2 and 3:

These pieces are part of my new traffik collection.  An exploration of the use of furnishings to control traffic within our interiors. These pieces were inspired by the geometry and shapes of medians, islands, bump-outs and roundabouts found within our streets.

Visit the Dexel Crafted website – here.



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