New Lighting from Yellow Goat Design

October 31, 2008

Australia’s Yellow Goat Design have completed some new custom lighting pieces.

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Two aluminium composite wings, mirror on one side and timber grain on the other, simply slotted together around a 250mm diameter opal ball light. Can be built with almost any combination of materials and finishes. Dimensions are 1000mm x 1000mm x 500mm.

Yellow Goat Design


Silver spaceships descending. Straight out of an Ed Wood movie, almost too retro. Built from mirror polished aluminium, glossy black acrylic and a circular fluoro mounted on an opal reflector. Dimension; 1200mm diameter.

Yellow Goat Design


The Ball light – but different. Strips of ‘radiant’ acrylic from Germany are cut and formed to create a cage around the central opal light tube. As you walk around this piece the ‘radiant’ material changes colour from pink to orange to green and so on. A beautiful piece. Dimensions shown 1000mm diameter; available in almost any size. Design: Conrad Johnsson


A huge basket full of vegetation around 5 opal glass tubes. Each lit by a 15 watt compact fluoro. The leaves stems and flowers are lasercut from 1.5mm plywood left uncoated for that natural earthy look. The basket is built from satin aluminium flatbar which can also be powdercoated to your choice of colour. Overall dimensions are 1000mm diameter x 1500mm tall. Design: Conrad Johnsson

Yellow Goat Design


At over 14 mtrs diameter, featuring almost 50 lin mtrs of mirror chromed aluminium pipe, 143 opal acrylic panels, 72 x 12V bi-pins on spiroflex wands and 50 spherical compact fluoros hanging from a 4 mtr diameter mirror cloud panel.

Bird of Paradise:

An exquisite piece built with polished stainless steel wire, Swarovski crystals and faceted glass rings. Lit by 10 off 20 watt 12V bi-pins and LEDs. Overall dimensions are 900mm diameter x 1200mm tall. Design: Adriana Arboleda.


Delicate glass balls ranging in size from 30 to 90mm diameter are strung onto fine line, each separated by coloured crystal beads of varying size. Lighting is from 60mm solid crystal balls, each containing a 12V 10W bi-pin and each light is topped with a crown of crystals. The whole assembly hangs like tentacles under a silver mirror body – quite unique.