New Northland Home by Studio John Irving

February 14, 2010

Studio John Irving has designed this rural home in the North Island of New Zealand.

Description from John Irving:

A farmhouse for a very busy family with 4 young children. The site for this new zealand home is on a windswept hill overlooking a dairy farm, the straights of State Highway One and the distant sea views of the Whangarei Heads and the Hen and Chicks Islands. It’s a spectacular view. The design responds to this as three separate blocks for sleeping, living and working (with its own separate farm entry). The blocks are linked by a concrete spine that runs the length of the house and conceptually braces it from the howling westerly winds. The gaps between the blocks form sheltered courtyards. The spine’s other purpose is separating the open sloping roofed pavilion front from the closed back, which forms the entry area and arrival court.

Oriented to the northeast, the house suits this family of early risers. The house also doubles as their new bach (the old one being sold to pay for it) so the detailing is casual: finger pulls on plywood doors, sliding doors hiding secret laundry and storage rooms and the television is also hidden away. The house provides a backdrop to the theatre of this family’s daily life, and will adapt well to their changing needs.

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