New Seating by Daniel Garcia Sanchez

October 13, 2009

Daniel Garcia Sanchez, a young Spanish designer, has created three new seating products, including a two-seater couch called The Air, the Sun chaiselongue, and the Nuno stools.


The Air

It seeks to surprise through everyday fun and personal pleasure. Provoke a new experience and encourage consumers to participate and interact with the product, avoiding uniformity and decorative rigidity. This two-seater couch, called The Air, tries to project in the mind of the user concepts like lightness, weightlessness and comfort. From the beginning the thought was to further by a collection of simple lines, which provide the dynamic elasticity of the material.

Nuno Stools

Nuno is a stool developed of sensual lines that combine different materials, lacquered wood and synthetic leather. It expects to surprise to the user with the stylishness shapes and the contrast of the materials. It tries to provoke the unexpected and to attract the user with a load of subjective information, the shapes sensuality, the synthetic leather padded seat, or the contrast between plastic tube, the chrome tube and other items.

Sun Chaiselongue

Sun Chaiselongue is a outdoor deck chair with minimalist style and one touch of color. Originality brings the functionality, because it´s collapsible, stackable and and transportable. The prototype is made of wood and lacquered finish, free of toxic agents. Caring environment. Although the final product will be made of composite, more light and durable.