Nova Pendant Lamps by Anu Moser

February 17, 2009

Swedish designer Anu Moser has created the Nova pendant lamp collection for Norwegian lighting manufacturer Northern Lighting.

Nova is a pendant lamp series at the interface between light design, handcraft and art. The mouth blown shade of the lamp is made out of three layers of glass, transparent, white, transparent. Nova consists of three different lamp models each of which has an individually formed pattern of transparent glass pieces added manually to each lamp after the main body was blown. Every lamp is unique as a result of this manual pattern making. The lamp series also has an innovative and patented hanging solution, which makes it easy to change the bulb even for a novice.

The Nova series is inspired by the dusky light from the stars seen in the Nordic sky on a clear night. Thus, the Nova series consists of three round light stars: Ophelia, Callisto and Miranda. Nova emits an even and soft interior light regardless of bulb type used. The lamps are suited for public and private interior spaces, and become interesting objects of art in a room even when the light is switched off.

Visit Northern Lighting’s website – here.

Designer: Anu Moser:

Anu Moser (born 1945) is a highly recognized Swedish ceramic artist and product innovator. She lives and works on the small Island of Donsö outside Gothenburg, where ocean and sky become central natural elements of inspiration in her design. Her works have been presented around the world in a great number of exhibitions. The mixture of innovative function and the aesthetic features of simplicity, harmony, softness and yet strictness in form, are repetitive themes in her design. During recent years Anu has focused her attention on the combination of lighting design and art. Among her famous and credited previous work is the Moser pendant designed for Louis Poulsen Lighting, Denmark in 2001/02.

“The creative process of arts and crafts has always played an essential role in my life. I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember, and I started with ceramics when I was 15. During recent years light design, optimal illumination and glass have become a great fascination for me to work with. The idea behind the Nova series has been to use advanced glass techniques of the finest quality glass to create a group of playful, beautiful and contemporary “flying light stars”. The idea of the hanging solution came to me while working in the woods where I noticed a claw like tool used for grabbing timber. This inspired me to create this industrial looking detail of functional innovation from the same basic concept.“