One Light Only by Lee Broom

August 22, 2010

British designer, Lee Broom, presents his fourth collection at this year’s London Design Festival with the launch of a new lighting range, ‘One Light Only’.


‘One Light Only’ (OLO) is a new collection of pendant lighting. Drawing on Broom’s fashion background, OLO is inspired by Art Deco jewellery and fashion photography from the late 1970’s.

OLO is characterised by a jewel-like gem faceted exterior lighting shell. The lights are presented in two finishes, matt white or polished gold. The interior shell of each light is juxtaposed against the exterior finish; reflective gold facets shine against the subtle matt white interior finish and vice versa.

OLO features two different pendant-sized lights ranging from 10cm high to 30cm high. The range is designed to work in clusters, mixing small and large pendant sizes together.

Visit Lee Broom’s website – here.