Ono Bridge Table by SUGUI Design

December 1, 2013

SUGUI Design have created the Ono Bridge Table made from wood and black Swarovski crystals for Picchio Furniture Design.



A dining table with a symmetrical, organic and balanced form, consisting of a single piece of solid wood, which makes the top, feet and casters.

The table texture results from the four-colour process on wood cut from the top.

Laterally and from the top can be seen the glow of precious and semi-precious stones (Swarovski stones) encrusted in the wood which provide a unique, stunning and distinctive sophistication.

Height: 730mm, Width: 1000mm, Lenght: 1800mm

Materials – Brown wood structure, lacqued MDF and black Swarovski crystals

Design: SUGUI Design
Photography: Nuno Fernando Pereira and SUGUI Design