Orange Grove by BROOKS + SCARPA

April 3, 2012

BROOKS + SCARPA Architects have sent us some images of Orange Grove, a five-unit loft project they designed in West Hollywood, California.


Description from the architects:

The building is sensitively designed and compatible with the neighborhood, but differs in material palette and scale from its neighbors. Referencing architectural conventions of modernism rather than the pitched roof forms of traditional domesticity, the project presents a characteristic that is consistent with the eclectic and often unconventional demographic of West Hollywood. Distinct from neighboring structures, the building creates a strong relationship to the street by virtue of its large amount of highly usable balcony area in the front façade.

While there are dramatic and larger scale elements that define the building, it is also broken down into comprehensible human scale parts, and is itself broken down into two different buildings. Orange Grove displays a similar kind of iconoclasm as the Schindler House, an icon of California modernism, located a short distance away. Like the Schindler House, the conventional architectural elements of windows and porches are reconceived as an abstract sculptural ensemble, in this case referencing a paradigm based on the space, light, and industrial materials of the loft.

Visit the BROOKS + SCARPA website – here.

Photography by Marvin Rand