Paisley Chair by Vito Selma

June 12, 2011

Filipino designer Vito Selma has created the Paisley Chair.


Description from Vito Selma:

Everything about the Paisley, from its material, erganomics, comfort and shape is inspired from a woman’s curves. When one sits down, it is about giving the feeling of coming home, an embrace from of ones mother, friend or lover. You meet. You get comfortable. You fall in love.

The thin stainless steel legs is to give an illusion and feeling of floating. The back of the chair in made of Philippine Abaca fiber turned into rope and then into thousand of loops to create a unique texture. Each loop is intricately hand sown into the chair. This Abaca back can come in natural or a naturally dyed version in a huge variety of colors. The Pink Paisley in the photo was created specially in support of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Visit Vito Selma’s website – here.