Para Clocks by LeeLABS

April 2, 2012

LeeLABS have created a variety of clocks made of concrete that all use a parametric modelling algorithm to get their unique radial patterns.

They also plan to make it possible for anyone to create their own custom concrete clock by playing around with the parametric settings.

They have created a KickStarter project video about the clocks – here.


Description from the designers:

LeeLABS has recently completed Para Clocks, a project that not only seeks to crowd source investment and interest, but aims to crowd source design power as well. Para-Clocks is about combining digital design methods with traditional craft using concrete; and most importantly, involving YOU in the design process. We were first inspired by radial geometry and symmetry found in architecture and textiles from around the world. Certain patterns from these cultures can be boiled down to a simple set of steps and rules for making them. Designing using parametric software allows us to create many variations of radial patterns based off of similar sets of rules; but these are then played with and manipulated, allowing each pattern to be expressive in surprising ways. We hope to see the Para Clocks Design App inspire the creativity of our customers and initiate the next big part of the Para Clocks project: Making clocks the way that YOU imagine.