Peacock Chair by UUfie

December 8, 2013

Eiri Ota and Irene Gardpoit Chan of the architecture firm UUfie, have designed the Peacock Chair.


From the designers

Taking the inspiration from nature. “Peacock” is an expression of trying to capture a natural instance such as a flower blossoming or a bird’s tail fanning in a ritual courtship. “Peacock” represents these frozen moments of beauty and happiness.

The design and fabrication process began like children playing with paper by cutting, bending and folding it, to create a chair simply now called the “Peacock” for its resemblance.

“Peacock” is made from a type of acrylic composite that has the ability to transform, but requires a delicate process involving manipulating a single sheet within minutes. The idea of freezing a fluid moment is literally captured as the material is stretched by hand. Resulting in a lace-like appearance of a structurally strong material.

“Peacock” is produced in three versions, a large (limited edition) and smaller small size which can be seen in white or in color for indoor and outdoor use.

Material: Acrylic Composite Sheet

Designer: UUfie
Photo: Marco Covi