Piet Fireplace by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius

September 30, 2009

Swedish designer Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius has created the Piet fireplace.

From the designer:

Piet is a chimney free indoor stove with a brass reflector, that burns ethanol fuel instead of wood. This gives no smoke or soot and thereby eliminates the need of a chimney.

A layer of rockwool fire insulation between the reflector and the outer shell keeps the outside cool. This means that you can always touch the ceramic body of Piet without burning your hand and also means that Piet can be placed closer to walls or other furniture.

Since it doesn’t require any permanent installation you can just bring it with along when you move or place it wherever you like when you refurnish.

The name is a tribute to Danish architect and mathematician Piet Hein since the stove has the form of a super elliptic egg.