Pitcher & Piano Deansgate Locks by Macaulay Sinclair

January 23, 2009

The Nottingham, England based interior design agency Macaulay Sinclair have sent us photos of their recent work to create a new interior for the Pitcher & Piano bar in the Deansgate Locks area of Manchester.

Briefed with capturing the attentions of the quarter’s youthful, savvy crowd and creating the night time appeal the location demanded, Macaulay Sinclair took just ten weeks from inception to completion to produce a virtuoso Pitcher & Piano unlike any other in the group’s national portfolio.

According to Macaulay Sinclair Director John Macaulay, the concept of separateness and contrast underpinned the agency’s approach to a building which houses three stunning internal floors amid two 15-metre high Grade II-listed canal-side Victorian arches.

Macaulay confirmed: “The site was already so impressive, so theatrical and so full of urban character. We wanted to take that industrial splendour, that hard, utilitarian solidity and contrast it with floors of modern insertions. We wanted to create a site with parody and personality – a sort brass tack v brass neck approach, if you like.”

The Nottingham-based agency did that by ensuring much of their design work appeared not to touch the existing building fabric. Macaulay added: “We wanted newly introduced elements to work in tandem with the site while having character enough to work alone. The ground floor bar counter for example is a bottom lit green monolith which we wanted to give the feeling of floating within the space, while arches are up-lit to maintain the separation between the building and its offering. We believe the approach preserves the building’s impressive heritage while creating an exciting, immersive leisure experience.”

Visit Macaulay Sinclair’s website – here.

Each of the Pitcher & Piano’s three levels: towpath, ground and mezzanine, houses a wealth of unique design ideas.

Contrasting the industrial and the innovative, P&P’s towpath level includes an arresting copper clad restroom enclosure which falls short of ceiling height, bespoke upholstered leather benches, exposed brick walls with grey smoked mirror and black tiled floor. Macaulay noted the considerable attention given to the towpath level restroom’s interior: “Given the quality of the exterior of the enclosure, it would be somewhat of an anticlimax if the interior did not live up to expectations. The ladies’ restroom is minimal with bright white finishes – we’ve looked to capture the modern influences of Space NK and cosmetics departments to contrast the more industrial, masculine façade.”

P&P’s ground floor features a grand, theatrical, over-the-top, slightly camp Victoriana-style back bar centre piece with ornate mouldings, pediments and corbels finished in black gloss lacquer with a large station-style clock in the centre piece. “This is a tongue in-cheek homage to the building’s Victorian railway heritage,” noted Macaulay. The bar is lit by a series of visually-stunning, bespoke red glass chandeliers each delicately constructed using almost 3,000 hand-made glass tubes of varying lengths.

P&Ps mezzanine floor features an internally illuminated balustrade constructed in American black walnut and red acrylic designed to entice upstairs to distinctive copper panels, illuminated tiers of glass racks and bottle display. High level tables provide views across the space and down onto the ground floor of the Pitcher & Piano group’s most noteworthy new addition.

Visit Macaulay Sinclair’s website – here.