Plastic Dandy Chair by Isaac Monté

February 4, 2009

Isaac Monté, a design student at Norway’s Oslo National Academy of the Arts, has created the Plastic Dandy chair.

Plastic Dandy is a sitting sculpture designed by the Belgian designer Isaac Monté, but produced in Norway. The cold, naked plexi-plate contrasts with the warm, woollen plaid.

The transparent piece of furniture is formed in such a way that light accentuates the curves. It is been made in one piece of plexi that has been folded by heat into two triangular forms, symbolising the male figure. The triangular forms are echoed in the pattern of the plaid.

Although the sculpture and the plaid are two different objects, they have been designed together and should be seen as one object. Both pieces evoke different feelings: warmth and cold, nudity and serenity, the old-fashioned and the modern. This combination of both objects is innovative.

Isaac will join his fellow students from the Academy when they present their latest work at the 2009 Stockholm Furniture Fair (February 4th-8th).