Plastic Lamps from d-VISION at Salone del Mobile

April 30, 2010

At Salone del Mobile 2010, we visited the d-VISION booth, where they were exhibiting a variety of lighting from various young designers. All the pieces were made from plastic, because the work was sponsored by the Keter Group, an Israeli manufacturer of plastic products.

Among the lamps that caught our attention were the Poly lamp and the Organic lamp. Unfortunately, we can’t find our notes where we wrote down the names of the designers, so if anyone else knows, please leave a comment.

The Poly Lamp (white lamp)
The inspiration for the Poly lamps was the randomly ‘sculptured’ polyethylene leftovers which are created on a daily basis, a mass amount of plastic is spilled on the factory floor after each batch work.

A semi craft and semi industrial process served to reverse-engineer those ‘creations’. Using polyethylene from an industrial extruder and hand worked craftsmanship, creates a unique shape and textures to each piece of the Poly lamp series.

Materials: Polyethylene, metal frame
Technique: Extrusion combined with hand made technique.

The Organic Plastic Lamp (red lamp)
The light fixture is composed of polypropylene beads which are shaped by using a unique technique of external heating. Heating the different areas creates unique forms that illustrate the process of consolidation and reflect real biological processes. This manufactuing process generates a series of light fixtures which appearance is strongly related, but will never be identical, hence emphasizing the difference between an industrial product to an artistic one.

Materials: polypropylene, aluminium
Technique: External heating moulding.

About d-VISION
A unique internship program established in 2005, aimed at cultivating excellence and training future leaders in the fields of industrial design. Inspired and created by Mr. Sami Sagol, owner and chairman of Keter group, the program serves to fill the missing link between Academy and Industry.

Each class of interns is comprised of 15 of Israel’s most outstanding design graduates. During the two year program, the interns are given the opportunity to experience the best practical training available, at Keter’s novel Research and Development facility. Through hands-on experience, and the opportunity to meet with managers, clients and professionals directly, the program enables the interns a unique platform to show their talent and abilities.

The program includes: Sponsered Masters degree in design, experimental research projects, lectures and visits abroad. Some of the interns will be offered a position within the Keter group, whilst others will enter the employment market.

Visit the d-VISION website – here.