Playground Building by Van Rooijen Architects

August 30, 2011

Van Rooijen Architects designed a playground building in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


The location is a private playground area near Oudwijk Utrecht. In a courtyard between houses is a playground for neighborhood children when replacing an old building a new playground building was requested. The task required a simple building with a durable and safe look that adds value to the playground and fits the world of children. The building serves two users and includes spaces to play in a kindergarten and supporting areas. The latitude and kindergarten are separated by a sliding door allowing multiple space possible for different activities.

Within a tight budget is a colorful object that is designed as a quirky playful element to introduce into the playground. With special openings, the relationship between the inner and outer world strengthened. The building provides a large covered outdoor area where you can play. The all-wood interior with bright colors create atmosphere inside and security for children.

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