Polyforum Siqueiros Galleries by BNKR Arquitectura

February 22, 2012

BNKR Arquitectura designed a renovation of the Polyforum Siqueiros Galleries in Mexico City.


Description from BNKR:

The Polyforum Siqueiros and its Galleries were conceived by the architects Joaquín Alvarez Ordóñez, Guillermo Rossel de la Lama and Ramón Mikelajáuregui, together with Siqueiros in 1967. These had not been renovated since its inauguration in 1971.

Our intervention was reduced to removing elements from the galleries rather than a proper design project. We got rid of the original dark blue industrial carpet that covered the floor and stairs and replaced it with a white glossy epoxy finish. The coarse granular texture of the walls was substituted for a smooth white finish. The dropped ceiling concentric rings were removed and only two of the structural rings were left. The original wooden false ceiling, bench and staircases were sanded and varnished. The clear glass dividing the interior from the exterior was covered with a translucent matte coating in order to contain the gallery space and make the visitor focus on the exhibitions. The only design piece we created is the elliptical reception desk which accentuates the dynamic space of the circular galleries and invites the visitor to proceed towards the exhibition areas.

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Photography by Jaime Navarro