Pop Plastic by Donatas Žukauskas

Lithuanian designer Donatas Žukauskas has sent us images of his Pop Plastic collection of interior decor pieces that are made of paper.


Description fromDonatas Žukauskas:

I am an interior designer. I graduated from Vilnius Art Academy in 1992 where I studied design. Another area of my activities is detail making of the interior decor. The idea to take up this activity occurred to me after I saw unusual works of art made of paper. I got interested in this rare genre of creative work and felt like changing a usual paper function in the process of creative work I wanted to look at paper as material to be put into practice with the help of various creative ideas. While experimenting with paper mass, I realized that paper has got very extensive possibilities of plastic expression. I was fascinated by its natural material, form, colour, texture, lacework, plasticity and other qualities. Attracted by those possibilities, I started making decorative objects meant for modern interior.

My works are unitary handmade creations that are technologically complex and require a lot of job and patient.  Paper mass mixed with glue, desiccated and processed newly gets qualities of a wood – strength, color, naturalness, facture.

Visit Donatas Žukauskas’ website – here.


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