Project 910 by Kiko Salomão

February 28, 2013

Kiko Salomão have designed the interior of Project 910, an apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil.


Description from Kiko Salomão

“It cannot be Commercial . That was the first thing said by the young couple that own this apartment when we’ve had our first meeting and that really get along with our firm’s way of working. From that moment on we knew that this work would have strong potentials to be unique.



The starting point was the main entrance door. A stainless steel screen, originated from highly modern influences and which, at the end, weighed 1 ton.



From the door and throughout all the other details, the project goes by the modern to the contemporary, but always inside the minimalist premisses of our firm.



From the architecture, interior design to furniture design, decoration and art, our firm was focused on creating a precisely detailed, exclusive and timeless project.




Designers | Architects : Kiko Salomão

Photography by: Alain Brugier