Pumpkin Room by edg Creatives

August 24, 2012

David Ho of edg Creatives designed a pumpkin shaped brainstorming room and matching partition walls for their office in Beijing, China.


Description from the designers

Polycarbonate panels with transparent sections are used to bring the activity and energy of the two first floor meeting rooms into view. The wall partitions are constructed with two of these panels and are fitted around a steel structure. These partitions are illuminated by fluorescent tubes so that in the evening the meeting rooms resemble a light box with a futuristic feel.

A pumpkin shaped brainstorming room on the second floor is meant to encourage the collaboration and creative thinking of our designers. Ho says the concept is inspired by the fairytale “Cinderella” in which a pumpkin was magically transformed into a horse drawn carriage, making Cinderella’s dreams come true.


Design: edg Creatives