Punkalive Launches New Furniture Collection

Punkalive is a new furniture manufacturer based in the small town of Punkaharju, Finland. The new company is a spin-off from Punkaharjun Puutaito, which is a 20 year old processor of wooden packaging materials for the paper and board industries. Now they are using their existing machinery to produce the stylish and durable Punkalive furniture, which are all manufactured from Kerto, a laminated veneer lumber product manufactured by Finnforest.

The Koura Chair, designed by Jukka Lommi:

The Nikama Table, designed by Jukka Lommi:

The Avanto Stools, designed by Jukka Tapio:

The Kampa Chair, designed by Jukka Lommi:

The Pin Chair, designed by Jukka Lommi:

The Vänkä Table, designed by Raimo Räsänen and Jukka Lommi:

The Jotos Table, designed by Raimo Räsänen:

Visit the Punkalive website – here.

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