Quarry Lamps by Benjamin Hubert for De La Espada

October 4, 2011

Benjamin Hubert has designed the Quarry pendant lamps for De La Espada.


Description from the designer:

Hand-turned, thin-walled marble pendant lights with roughly finished interior, to add texture and describe the story of stone production.

Quarry utilises the marble’s translucent properties to diffuse the light and reveal its veining. The traditional material is offset by the use of an LED, which allows the large hand-turned internal cavity to remain open and uncluttered. The interior surface is reminiscent of the first cut by renaissance sculptors to rough out a form.

AKFD manage the factories the lamps are produced in, ensuring fair working terms, and actively pushes for safer working conditions.

Visit Benjamin Hubert’s website – here.

Visit De La Espada’s website – here.