Raffinati Store by Blazys Gérard

January 15, 2009

The design team of Alexandre Blazys and Benoit Gérard created the ultra-minimalist interior of the Raffinati store, located in Montreal, Canada’s Ogilvy building.

From Blazys Gérard:

The Raffinatti boutique took its conceptual inspiration from the folding and unfolding of the garment. First, a horizontal pliage holds the main garment area and its changing rooms. The second, a vertical intervention holds the second garment area as well as the service point of this high end shop.

The general impact is one of purity. A myriad of whites is used to climate different uses. In fact the serviced and principal circulation is in a glossy finish that allows for a reflection of the user. On the opposite side, the principal shopping area collects a more mat and architectural feel in order to soften the clothing of this line that caters to the female genre. The garments are suspended on sculptural and airy structures leaving the floor of this 600 square foot space empty of any clutter.

Visit the website of Blazys Gérard – here.

Photos : Steve Montpetit

Visit the website of Blazys Gérard – here.