Rain-like curtains by KriskaDECOR

March 13, 2013

KriskaDECOR have created a series of metal chain curtains to make it look like it is raining in the showroom of Talsee, a manufacturer of bathroom furniture.



For the new showroom for the bathroom furniture company Talsee, the Swiss architecture firm Burkard Meyer required an innovative installation of chains hanging from the ceiling. Following the architect’s creative brief, KriskaDECOR created a new modular system for the project.



The client reception area has been installed in the central area of the installation. The varying lengths of the chains (the longest measures 7,80 meters) form a ‘rain passage’ that separates the different functions of the showroom, creating a ‘room’ inside each one. Clever lighting creates a surreal and magical ambiance.






Architects: Burkard Meyer in cooperation with Konform AG