Random Resurrection Furniture by Paul Coudamy

November 4, 2009

French architect Paul Coudamy has created a table and a set of chairs that were made by combining various pieces of furniture he found on eBay.

The work consists in a game of combinations. Instead of drawing shapes, designs are born from a combination of existing elements. A leg is fixed to a new tray, one material is inserted into an other one, a back part becomes a seat, a broken piece offers a new part for a leg…

Beyond the aspect of giving a second life to rubbish furniture and transformation of your grandmother’s table in an original design, the idea is to question the shape of standard furniture. It is a work on the mutation of common objects in a new one carrying traces of ordinary typologies. It is more a spontaneous collage, close from photoshop manipulations in the real world than a classic formal design process with sketches and computer renderings. Random Resurrection is a ‘cut&glue’ process assigned to generate an unique design.

Meeting table:
Three e-bay tables have been assembled in one piece in order to create a hybrid object. Woods, legs, shapes and style are combined to generate an original composition. The heavy decorated central part maintains two aerial extensions supported by a thin leg. A second wood veneering and tray a blue one are inserted into the central part to constitute a 10 person table.

Chairs :
A batch of archetypal, cheap wood chairs have been bought. The original chairs have been unscrewed, dismantled and cut, then re-assembled and painted in different ways. Back parts, seats, legs are, each time, re-organized to offer new functions and create various typologies of chairs.