RE:cover Chairs by Fredrik Färg

Swedish designer Fredrik Färg has created the RE:cover Chairs that were inspired by classic menswear, such as suits and dinner jackets.

The project looks to the beauty of those shapes that do not always have to change. He has been inspired by classic menswear, such as suits and dinner jackets that never go out of style. -This is a lasting fashion; he says and refers to today’s trend wear which is often discarded before being worn out.  By regaining the chairs former conditions and removing the backrests of the chairs, replacing it with a new textile dress/structure of mouldable polyester felt, he makes new “slow fashion” -furniture. The chair together with the textile is baked in a big oven that hardens the textile around the chair. By this innovative technique the textile still have the feeling of being a textile but also becomes a supporting structure.

Visit Fredrik Färg’s website – here.

The inspiration for the chairs:

The designer – Fredrik Färg:

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