Romeo & Juliet Bench by Vyvey & Partners

September 9, 2009

The Romeo & Juliet bench has been designed by Koen Baeyens, Stijn Goethals and Basile Graux of Vyvey & Partners for the Belgian manufacturer Extremis.

Description of Romeo & Juliet from Extremis:

Romeo & Juliet is no ordinary bench. It not only offers passers-by a comfortable place to sit and relax, but it also adds a touch of green to the environment. The bench is made of long square strips of wood. Two round holes in the seat create room for large flowerpots containing a small tree. The bench seems to literally float between the pots.

The Romeo & Juliet benches are perfectly suitable for both private gardens and public spaces. They add a natural touch to areas with little or no greenery. They can also easily be integrated in larger projects. If several benches are put in line, the distance between the trees is identical, creating architectural harmony.

The pots are made of glass-fibre and have a nice shine. They consequently contrast beautifully with the mat wood. The benches are 320 cm long and 74 cm wide. Their name ‘Romeo & Juliet’ refers to the two trees. Just as Romeo and Juliet could not be with each other nor live without each other, the trees are destined to be together without being able to touch each other.

Visit the Extremis website – here.