Rose Li Collection by Albi for Aqua Creations

March 21, 2013

Albi has designed the Rose Li Collection, a group of lamps made from copper for Aqua Creations.


From the designer

Way back when we lived in London we studied Tai Chi at a church near Charing Cross station. “Head up, shoulders down” was Master Rose Li’s repeated advice in each class and these wise words are still with me and I keep on trying, with my head up shoulders down.



The first lamp I made that lead to the Rose Li collection came from the feeling of Tai Chi, with your head in the clouds and your feet rooted deep in the earth. Copper, a precious metal alongside silver and gold, is used in the Rose Li collection in its natural polished color as a contemporary interpretation for candles.



The lamps are rechargeable and therefore free from cables and may be placed anywhere they are needed. Lit with 2 LEDs they offer a warm coppery light.




Design by Albi
Produced by Aqua Creations