RR House by Studio Guilherme Torres

June 6, 2011

Studio Guilherme Torres have designed a penthouse apartment interior in São Paulo, Brazil.


The young architect Guilherme Torres was called to redesign this duplex apartment penthouse in the Itaim neighbourhood, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The building, a Rocco Associados project, is known by a huge Campana brothers sculpture, measuring 70m high, located in the building’s central atrium.

The client, a young and single entrepreneur of the civil construction area, wished for a wide and contemporary apartment, where he could relax and receive his friends.

All the walls were literally put down and all the installations were rebuilt. The main covering used was the polymer cement, used in floors, stairs and walls of the whole apartment.

The main concept of the project is the big bookshelf that surrounds the whole living room. It not only organizes books, collections and electronic devices in niches but also becomes in a workstation. All this work was handcrafted by the woodcraftsman of the Studio Guilherme Torres, in Canadian oak.

The kitchen was completely integrated to the living room. With a wide concrete table enchased to the main pillar, receiving the cooktop and Sérgio Rodrigues chairs.

The pool table was a client request, who receives every week his friends to play. The client chose the model, that was painted blue.

The furniture follows a color pallete inspired by the 70’s, with a rug in natural wool, features Vitra’s Slow Chairs.

The upper floor gathers the home theater and a wide suite, with emphasis on the floor, all covered with demolition wood.

Visit the Studio Guilherme Torres website – here.

Photography by Denilson Machado (MCA Estúdio)