Scrap Marble Tables by John Reeves

September 18, 2012

British designer John Reeves has created a collection of tables with legs made from scrap pieces of marble.


Description from John Reeves

“Driving my motorbike past an ever increasing pile of rubble and scrap stones outside one of the many sheet marble and granite tradesmen that line some streets in Ho Chi Minh I started to realise the potential of this so called waste.

Chunks and slabs of beautiful stones were scrapped as offcuts; redundant with only the hope of being pummeled into aggregate for terrazzo or finer dust for composite use. I wanted to retain the inherent beauty that these semi precious stones already have by taking this waste and “upcycling” it – allowing the noble and honest material another chance. With only one rule – that no two colours are combined next to each other and whites and blacks are included in each leg the tradesman select the marble combination themselves. The scrap pieces are rough cut to size, skewered and laminated along a threaded rod, this is then sent to be turned and the scrap pieces reveal their inner beauty once again. The threaded rod continues as the connection between the leg and the carbon oak table top.”

Side Table : height – 550mm x 400mm x 400mm
Coffee Table : height – 400mm x 525mm x 1200mm
Dining Table : height – 750mm x 1900mm x 900mm

Designer: John Reeves