Sé collection II by Jaime Hayon

September 20, 2010

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has created a new furniture collection for the design brand .

Description from Sé:

‘Solid bronze side tables with fantastic curves. Bold colours applied to confident shapes. A sofa and armchair delicately proportioned but with a wit and presence that sets them apart from any other chair. The upholstery is refined, the styling almost classic but with a look of something very new, very now.’

This is the show-stopping Sé Collection by Jaime Hayon. Created by one of the world’s most outstanding and original designers to date; launching in London during the capital’s design festival this September – this series of chairs, mirrors, tables and sofas is Hayon’s first ever complete furniture range.

Launched at Maison et Objet, Paris 2008, Sé is a UK based, globally sold luxury furniture brand produced mostly across a French network of craftsmen and artisans. The first and current Sé collection designed by Damien Langlois-Meurinne, was revealed to critical acclaim.

The latest Sé Collection by Jaime Hayon is dedicated to the interior design world and will offer a fresh and innovative range of iconic elements to this sector.

The Sé / Jaime Hayon collaboration began with an idea from Director Pavlo Schtakleff – he himself constantly striving to achieve the ‘new’ by carefully sourcing only leading experts to create unique styles and finishes, enabling design extraordinaire Jaime Hayon to create a full range of pieces would, in Schtakleff’s mind undoubtedly result in this perfect coupling of design originality with Sé’s now firmly established basis of superior craftsmanship and technological expertise.

The materials chosen for this collection were a selection of the finest woods, metals, marbles and fabrics – the edit of these, resulting in a richness clearly demonstrated within each piece. Shapes within the collection are dynamic and light.

They are objects of comfortable luxury, each with a strong identity yet classic in their ability to work within a variety of environments.

For Jaime Hayon, the freedom to create an extensive collection with the support of a skilled production network was also an attractive proposition. “I met Sé in London whilst selecting furniture elements for an interior design project.

“I was impressed by the quality and comfort of Sé’s pieces, as well as the spirit of the company. This opportunity brought about a discussion on the lack of choice for certain elements in interior design. Dialogue led to reality and a year later, the Sé Collection by Hayon is ready…” – Jaime Hayon

The result is outstanding. A pure combination of design, wit and craftsmanship.

The personality of each piece, the originality of the collection as a whole, the detail and the finishes all extol the virtues of a team who have pushed every boundary in creating this exciting collection, of what can only be described as no less than haute couture furniture.

Visit the Sé website – here.