Seating made from corrugated tube

December 4, 2013

Gabriel Rodríguez Pacheco, Jordi Gaspar and Manon Berlioz have designed Meetube, a seating system made from corrugated tubes.

You can watch a video (in Spanish) about Meetube – here


From the designers

In a music festival of three intensive days, Who doesn’t need a rest area also serves as a meeting?

The series of Meetube seats born for this special need of the Primavera Sound music festival, that annually takes place in the 16 hectares Forum’s park in Barcelona.

Following an investigation on that material would be adequate, it has been concluded that the corrugated tube seemed the most appropriate : a flexible material, very durable, lightweight, low cost, reusable and recyclable. exploring this unusual material for this type of applications, it was discovered that its qualities allowed create a number of seats with a new and adequate ergonomics aspects, based on the face of human muscles. A profile structure made of wood is allowing the tubes to obtain a particular appearance, providing a large variety of formal possibilities.

The material itself serves as a visual indicator in its nature as by the bright colors which it is available. Up to 98% of people who go to a festival, claims to have been lost or lost his friends. With the same material has been created “trees of light” that were distributed at key points within the park.

Designers: Gabriel Rodríguez Pacheco, Jordi Gaspar and Manon Berlioz