Seven Kitchen Must-Haves!

April 1, 2008

The Mantas Salt’n’Pepper Set created by Bruce R. MacDonald.

Mantas Salt'n'Pepper Set

These are the Mezzaluna Knives designed by Katherine Krizek. Spotted at Progetti.

Mezzaluna Kinfe

The Sculpt Washing Up Brush, spotted at Home Temptations.

Washing Up Brush

These contemporary egg holders are from Professional Cookware.

Egg Holder

The Flo Storage Jars designed by Lincoln Rivers. Spotted at Wireworks.

Flo Storage Jars

This is Noro – the Non Dripping Bottle.

Noro Bottle

This is the Multi-Blade Grater designed by Carallo – Grandis. Spotted at Guzzini.

Multi-Blade Grater