Seven Questions with Jory Brigham

March 14, 2013

California-based Jory Brigham took a few minutes out of his day to answer some questions for us about being a furniture designer / maker.


Did you start making your pieces with the intention of making this your full time job or was it just a hobby?

For some reason, even though I was surrounded by woodworking since I was a kid, I never gave it much thought regarding making it into a career. It was the designing that really got my attention. I had always done the building part as a “job” for my dad or uncle. Building other peoples designs is completely boring to me, and of course very limiting. As soon as I designed and built my own piece everything changed.



What has been your largest project to date?


Do you work by yourself or do you have assistants or employees that help?

I have one employee, he pretty much keeps me on track. If I was left to my own devices in the shop, I would be making some really weird stuff.



What would be your dream commission?

I have always wanted to furnish an entire house.



Who is your typical client and how do they find out about you?

Many of my jobs I get through word of mouth.  Design blogs have been good to me and have helped in getting the word out there. I also have a few clients that have kept me around throughout the years. It is always interesting to me to hear, or meet the people who order pieces. Its always all over the board. I kind of like the fact that it doesn’t seem to stick to one specific gender, race, class level or occupation.



How long does it take you to make your average piece?

Typically between 60-90 hours. Double that if it’s a completely new design.

What is the furthest place you have ever sold your work?





Designer: Jory Brigham