Shyo Ryu Ken Kyobashi by STILE

September 13, 2013

Ietsugu Ohara’s architectural practice STILE has won the Best Restaurant Design in Asia category at the 2013 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards for a ramen shop called Shyo Ryu Ken Kyobashi in Osaka, Japan.



Ohara’s winning design was announced at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards ceremony, which took place in London on 12 September 2013. The restaurant in Kyobashi, Osaka, is a branch of a well-known Japanese chain of ramen shops called Shyo Ryu Ken. The design draws inspiration from the triangular-shaped roofs of Japanese tenement housing called Nagaya.

At Shyo Ryu Ken, the space was partitioned into separate dining areas using canopies with the same shape. The design provides semi-private enclosures with views through one open side to the restaurant’s bustling kitchen and the other diners, creating the atmosphere of a Nagaya community street scene.

The design conveys the idea that the restaurant is a gathering place for the local community. The restaurant is located in the busy downtown business district of Osaka. Unlike most Japanese restaurants, which have closed entrances, Shyro Ryu Ken has a hardened glass and steel door that slides sideways, opening the restaurant to the street, which reinforces its function as a community meeting space. Materials for the interior were limited to plywood boarding and plastering, giving the restaurant a modern-looking interior that’s strikingly different to other restaurants in the area.

Design: STILE
Photography: Hirokazu Matsuoka