SIT Plastic Collection by Diego Fortunato for Escofet

October 15, 2013

Designer Diego Fortunato has created the SIT Plastic Collection for Escofet.



SIT PLASTIC on their bench and CUBE formats, with and without backrest, are based on the idea of street furniture with a soft texture and rounded forms; comfortable but unidentifiable with any historic period.

Its sculptural design, resembling a rock with a rotund geometry, helps SIT PLASTIC to integrate naturally into any setting. The collection includes two sizes of the rock-benches, to which one size of the rock-backrests can be added.

In addition to its visual appeal that invites relaxation, its main features focusing on the ergonomics of its design, which makes these elements in comfortable seating for private public spaces.

Designer: Diego Fortunato
Manufacturer: Escofet
Photography: Jordi Balcells