Six Eye-Catching Bathtubs

April 3, 2008

On most peoples’ priority list for interior design, bathtubs unfortunately don’t rank very high, but here are six wow-worthy bathtubs that we could really get into.

The Milo Bath designed by Alessandro Lenarda. Spotted at Gruppo Treesse.

Milo Bath

The Calypso Ciliegio Bath designed by Alessandro Lenarda. From Gruppo Treesse.

Calypso Bathtub

The Inside designed by Fabrizio Batoni. Spotted at Gruppo Treesse.

Contemporary Bathtub

The Bis One Top designed by Jad. Spotted at Gruppo Treesse.

Modern Bathtub

This is the Saphyr Bathtub from Neptune.

Saphyr Bathtub

This is the Status Bathtub by Rifra.

Status Bathtub